Equine Partnered Meditation

Equine Partnered Meditation Classes

Mindfulness meditation is the art of embodying “presence of heart” into your daily life. 


Your ability to create an extraordinary life and to discover the best version of yourself – balanced, loving, joyful, and heart centered – begins right here, in this moment.

The skills of Mindfulness help you slow down, quiet the noise, access a sense of wonder and peace, and create space for what matters most to you.

Learning Through Connection

Meditation can be practiced anywhere at any time, however, it is powerful to experience meditation with a group in connection and it is even more powerful when you partner with horses as a companion and guide. 

Over the last 10 years, Michelle Holling-Brooks has been helping clients experience, practice, and develop the skills of mindfulness with the amazing support of her equine partners at Unbridled Change.  Now they are offering classes to the general public!   

At Unbridled Change we've created a peaceful and welcoming place that is a sanctuary from the hustle of life.  Our goal with these classes is provide a sacred place where you can learn to meditate and deepen your practice through connection.

The classes are designed to help support you as you develop the skills of being present in your life. The classes will focus on a variety of themes each week – mindful movement, breath work, body scans, love and kindness, cultivating the beginner’s mind, and the art of presence.   

Each class is a combination of practice, instruction, group discussion, and silent reflection time. Join as often as you'd like and you’ll always learn something new!  


  • Per class: $50
  • 5-Class Pack: $100 (good for any meditation class in 2020)

Age - for Adults only (classes designed for kids will be offered in the summer of 2020 - details will be posted soon)

No previous horse experience is necessary because no riding will be involved in the class. 


As a bonus for signing up, you will receive a mini-eCourse that covers the basic “science” of how and why mindfulness meditation works, concepts and principles of mindfulness based stress reduction, and 2 guided mindfulness activities. 


***2021 class times will be posted soon.***

Frequently Asked Questions

Wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting some dirt and horse hair on. Also, since you will be out with the horses, please wear closed toe and back shoe shoes – no flip-flops or crocs allowed.

No, we will have a chair available for you to sit on if needed. We want your cushion to stay nice and clean!

Bug repellent and sunscreen as we are going to be in the barn.

Yes, we have an indoor arena so there will be classes rain or shine. The only time we would cancel a class due to inclement weather is during the winter season because of snow. We follow Franklin County Schools closure. In case you want to know if there will be classes or not, please call the office or check our Facebook page because we will post it there as well.

If possible, we encourage you to purchase and register online in advance to make the check-in process a bit quicker (there for liability forms for first time participants), but it’s not necessary. Pre-registering and purchasing also allows you to have access to our bonus mini-eCourse on the fundamentals of Mindfulness and the science behind it. You will also receive 2 free-guided meditations.

Whether you take one of our online courses, classes, or are working with us via private psychotherapy or coaching sessions, you'll experience our approach to mindfulness and meditation through Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques which combines insights from neuroscience, positive psychology, and wisdom traditions into a simple, non-religious approach to training the mind.


A 4-week Mini Course that will help give you a roadmap and tools that will bring balance to your transformational journey.
Sign up now to receive the full 4-week mini-series!

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