Monthly membership podcast dedicated to exploring the healing power of connecting with JOY. Each month we will feature a different teaching and practice on how to infuse joy into your life – especially if you are on a healing and growth journey.  Join myself, industry leaders, therapists, dreamers, coaches, and practitioners in the healing and personal growth field to learn new ways to unbridled JOY! 


 Throughout this season of Connecting with JOY we will be looking at the different stages and areas that one travels through as they awaken their inner mystic!

This month, we continue our exploration of the Third Stage of awakening our inner Mystic – The Journey of Surrender – via looking at the transformational chamber of the Dark Night of the Senses – a call into the pause.   

The Dark Night of the Senses is the “cocoon” phase of our journey of awakening to the Mystic within, where we are instinctually being drawn inward to set ourselves up with a container that can hold us while we transform into butterflies. Once inside the cocoon, we are asked to “see” the hidden threads or attachments that are binding us up via different illusions of safety and fears of humiliation that are keeping us from flying into new altitudes and depths of awareness and therefore new ways of being with ourselves and our lives.   

The more we can understand the signs and purpose of the Dark Night of the sense the more we can begin to soften our resistance to this necessary stage of our own journey and surrender to its innate wisdom and flow.

During your free excerpts, I share:

  • Guided Reflections:
    •  Exploring our attachments and limiting beliefs around perfection and imperfection
    •  Exploring the components of the Cocoon and how to create them in our own lives for support during our transformation journey.
  • Sounding Practice – Chanting AUM - to help you call forward the different building blocks with you for transformational change. 

Join us for a monthly infusion of JOY!

Let’s face it – if you are on a healing or growth journey of any kind you know that it isn’t for the faint of heart.  Working to heal or change something can leave you feeling like you are just barely surviving let alone figuring out how to thrive.  Healing can definitely come with its fair share of “blood, sweat, and tears”.  AND the journey can also come with moments of love, joy, connection, tenderness, and laughter.   

Over the last 20 years of supported my clients on their personal healing and growth journeys I’ve noticed one pattern in particular that can derail, lengthen, and actually increase the “suffering” they are experiencing along their journey.  One of the leading “causes” of what I see as unnecessary pain and suffering is when people buy into the illusion and myth that I call the “one day” myth.  The illusion is something like, “I will finally feel joy again or be happy once I reach my goal or destination”.  This is one of the biggest myths I’m on a mission to help dissolve.  This limiting belief actually locks you into pain and suffering, it robs you of your life that is happening right here and right now in this moment. 

Why I created the Connecting with Joy membership

My goal with this membership is to share each month different tangible skills to help unbridle your life and connect you back with joy NOW.  I don’t want one more person to wait for a “future” when everything is healed and everything is “good” to start living and dropping into a full life again.  Because the reality is that too is an illusion.  Life will always have ups and downs, there will always be something that you want to heal or change.  It is HOW you show up for those ups and downs that actually unleashes your ability to heal!  When we are closer in frequency to our true soul nature – love, joy, compassion, and honoring our life right here and right now, we have the power we need to heal and accomplish our goals – big and small.  The secret to healing is learning the art of dropping into connection – connection with your life, your soul, your love, your joy! 

Joy doesn’t just pop into our lives.  To access joy, we need to cultivate, connect, and start a relationship with “joy” in order to develop it as part of our core self, no matter what life is throwing our way. 


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