Unbridled Growth

That fact that you are here means you are dedicated to finally overcoming the hidden blocks that are holding you back from being present in your most valued relationship and living life fully, once and for all. 

And yet, if you’re anything like our power house Growth clients, you successful in your career and more, you are probably experiencing one or more of the follow things:

  • Feeling disconnected between your “professional” outer world self-image (confident, poised, intelligent leader) and your “private” inner world self-image (anxious, easily flustered, untrusting of your inner guidance with your relationships, struggling to believe in connections and use your voice effectively). 
  • Experience persistent anxiety in your relationships and worry that you are “letting yourself and the people you care about down” by not showing up in your most significant relationships as you know you could be
  • Feeling like you give 100% of your time and effort into maintaining you business and family obligations and that your relationship with yourself and loved ones are struggling to maintain balance and connection.
  • Feeling stuck and frustrated in your progress for matching your outer world with your inner world – wishing you could “get it” faster and with less mental anguish.
  • Motivated to reach the next level of building strong relationships to yourself and loved ones, but you get a nagging feeling in your stomach that something is holding you back and often leaves you feeling defeated and down on yourself.
  • Frustrated about being unable to get beyond negative experiences you have had in past relationships - be that with family, co-workers, friends.
  • Driven to break free from limiting belief and thoughts, but have trouble carrying that intention over to actions with your loved ones in the moment of stress. 

You are not alone in feeling these things.  

99% of my clients come to me describing these same scenarios. 

As power house, you are constantly navigating the delicate balance between the multiple roles/relationships you have in life.  I believe that life boils down to relationships and it is through those relationships and the connections in those we either feel satisfaction and a full joyous heart or a sense of unease and disconnection. 

What creates the disconnection in those roles and relationship you value most?  The unconscious realization that if you show up in all those roles as your authentic true self it feels risky and full of potential paralyzing “what ifs” of judgements, possible emotional injury, and rejections. 

And unfortunately the more life experience you have, the more time you’ve had to anchor memories into a pattern of negative limiting beliefs (more on this later!).    


Good news! All of these things – the self-doubt, lack of consistency, insecurity, difficultly believing in yourself, not showing up as the person you want to be in your most treasured relationships – can all be changed!

You've done so much already to get here - looking for solutions! You've recognized that something is holding you back from experiencing truly fulfilling and enriching relationships and conncetions with yourself and others.

And you welcome the growth that comes from challenging yourself and learning new skills,and yet there's a missing piece: Your desire is there, now you just need to learn and practice the skills to get you where you want to be in your relationships.   

It’s also totally normal not to have the skill sets of experiencing secure and connected relationships the way you imagine they could be. That's because, for most of us, our current toolbox for dealing with life’s ups and downs is based on our past and the conditioning, belief systems, that our world taught us you needed to survivor. 

Unfortunately, the skills and belief systems you developed to survive often times are the very skills and beliefs that are blocking you from stepping into the amazing, beautiful, strong, person you are meant to be and share with others. 

Without upgrading some of the old relationship tools and skills that are no longer working you will not have room for new skills.  Also without, a step-by-step system for learning and integrating these new skills and strategies, you can remain vulnerable to falling back into old habits quickly.

Let’s not leave your relationships to the impulses of your doubts and fears.

Let us help you grow a life with others that you love!  A life with sustained energy and a drive to live to the fullest; a life that is nourished with trusting relationships that feed your soul, and a life that equips you with the tools, skills and know-how for staying true to yourself and loved ones, through whatever life throws your way.

There is a better way.

Hi, I’m Michelle Holling-Brooks, founder and President of Unbridled Change. As a certified Life Purpose Coach and Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning with over 17 years of experience helping our clients overcome some of the worst darkness, and disconnection that trauma causes, I have developed a proven process that develops the 5 pillars which set the foundation to free yourself from limiting beliefs that block love, joy, and embracing life and your meaningful relationships. 
On a personal side, I can empathize with the feeling of looking successful on the outside while secretly feeling out of alignment on the inside.  It took me many years of trial and error, training, and taking matters into my own hands to create the life and relationships I enjoy now. I did the hard work and learned how to heal from my past.  To the outside world they saw a survivor, a rock star professional that let nothing stand in her way.  However, that outer version of me, felt like a mask. 

When I slowed down I had a nagging feeling I was still missing a piece of who I really was.  Was I successful? Yes, however because I wasn’t in alignment I never truly trusted the success I had created.  Was I happy?  Yes, but not completely.  Then I finally realized I was missing one very important thing.  While I had healed major aspects of my past pain, I still had some cracks in the foundation and it was showing up in ALL of my relationships - family, friends, work.  Those cracks were effecting my willingness to connect completely to myself and others – especially my family.  In fact, as a coping mechanism, I spent most of my time and energy focusing on "work" and approval from people that didn’t really matter in my life, instead of those that did. Something tells me you might be able to relate.

I also relate to the feeling of overwhelm that can come with looking to transform my relationship while maintaining life. From facing chronic illness, healing stage 3 cancer, to dealing with trying balance a family life while growing my organization, to even struggling with holding onto my voice and passion in the face of what feels like way too much for one person. 

In the mist of those obstacles I practiced what I have been preaching for 17 years, I took all the tools in my toolbox, the Unbridled Change system I had developed for helping provide Hope and Healing, the life coaching practice, mindfulness and meditation, engery work, and dove into growing my connection to myself to the next level.  The personal growth to my connection - mind, body, and spirit also grew and filled those relationship cracks.  I now feel stronger, freer, and more completely aligned than ever before!  Instead of being driven by an underlining sense of fear and potential loss with what I care most about, I now see opportunities, gifts of growth, and joy in embracing life instead of obstacles to be conquered.

In light of this, I’m evolving our organizations program to include a personal growth program to work with high achievers like you. This program is exclusively for those who love being engaged with work, life, AND yet who still yearn to go further and finally address, deepen and transform those final relationship blocks.

I developed this advanced-level program for you so that you can benefit from all that I have learned from both my own journey and over 17 years of professional experience supporting our clients to find hope and learn to heal again after life experiences have crumbled their bridge to their true self. 

Ready to take the first step?

​I would love to chat with you and share all the good info and options about our Growth program and see if one of them would be a good fit for you and your personal growth goals!  We have a couple of different tiers within this program from an online self guided course to one-on-one retreats combined with virtual learning.  If you are ready to reconnect with all the reasons you decided to not only survive life but thrive, in and out of the career, please don't hesitate to fill out our application and set-up a complimentary, telephone or in-person meet and greet so we can learn more about what you are looking for support with.

If I think our program fits well with your goal, then I’ll answer all your questions about what it would look like to work together.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Something will grow from all you are going through.  And it will be you!  Through Unbridled Growth your passion and purpose illuminate from within you.  Your body moves in flow, you glow with vitality and your wisdom is clear for yourself and those you care about to feel, see, and believe in!