Stress seems to be a part of life. Running around and trying to fit in all our daily commitments, activities, and goals in that are part of the different areas of our life from business, personal growth, family...can be a challenge.  While we have learned how to rock out our amazing to-do list it can also take a toll on us! The list of things that we know we "should" be doing to keep ourselves in alignment energy and health wise can easily start to slide. We don’t always eat as well as we could. We might be squeezing in more off hours for work meetings and time to wrap up projects; running kids to sports and extra play dates. Trying to squeeze in some meditation time, health and exercise time, and plan downtime in there somewhere.  Resting and recharging can start to become a faded memory. Okay, maybe I’m just describing my life a little bit, but I have a feeling that you might be finding pieces of this stream of thought to be true for you too!

Okay, first I want to reassure you that I have a solution to the energy crisis most of us find ourselves in from time to time.  No, it isn’t to run away to a tropical island and sip a wonderful umbrella drink, but that would be nice! It is to build in just a few minutes of daily energy hygiene into your day to bring your body’s energy systems into balance so that you have a reserve to tap into to keep you strong and grounded throughout all the ups and downs that come between with life.

So, for this mini-series, I thought it would be great to share many of the tips that I use every day to stay in balance and ready to go out into the world with my mojo running at 100% versus limping through the day and praying for that glass of wine to help me relax.

The series will cover 6 weekly mini-lessons:

WEEK 1: Grounding, what is it, why is it important, and a super short guided grounding meditation

WEEK 2: Get that energy flowing, realigning your energy to run in the right direction,

WEEK 3: Boost your immune system, reenergize your immune system to meet the stressors that are all around you – no flu for you!

WEEK 4: Metabolize your world, three tips for how to boost your metabolizing power for not just food, but also releasing negative energy and stresses.

WEEK 5: Stress Reduction, your world is full of stress, but it doesn’t have to take you down – short little exercises you can do ANYWHERE to calm down your stress response and kick in your problem-solving mojo.

WEEK 6: Recharge your system, you need the energy to accomplish any goal, my favorite exercise to recharge and it takes less than a minute!