Can Your Body Talk To You?

Sep 07, 2020

One of the main things I teach my clients is: “YES, your body can talk to you!” Your body is trying to talk to you all the time and get so excited when you start listening to it.

The main question everyone asks next is, “How do I start talking and listening to my body?”

While I can geek out here and start diving into the science of Kinesiology and the amazing ways we can ask “yes or no” questions to our bodies and talk to specific organs, systems, and areas of our bodies…. I will control myself.

The easiest place to start is with some basic “self” energy testing.  There are many different ways to self-test. Let me introduce to you the first one I teach to my clients: the basic “sway” test.  

I like the sway test because you don’t need to know anything specific about human or non-human movement and muscles. You don’t need any special equipment either, such as a pendulum. You are the pendulum ☺

Check out this little video on the basics of how to do the sway test where I give you a few examples of how you can start using it to talk to your body with basic “yes and no” questions. 

Want to learn more about energy testing and how to deepen your relationship with your body, mind, and soul to reach your healing and growth goals? Reach out, I’d love to help! Click here to submit a short application and schedule a quick consultation to see if working with me deeper would be a good fit for your goals.


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