Finding the Divine

Dec 09, 2020

Every year I play a game with my girls during the holiday season. Each day we search for an example of the divine. 

How and where we find an example of the divine can vary. I might see the divine through the smile of another being. The awe of creation can be found in a moment of walking out to feed the horses first thing in the morning as the sun rising glistens off the frost creating the beautiful field of crystals. The Divine might show itself through a felt sense within your heart, giving you the sensation of a warm blanket wrapping around you in a moment of comfort and need. 

I LOVE our holiday scavenger hunt for the divine! Each night at dinner we share our findings with each other. I witness my girls' amazing souls light up and start to dance with joy as they share their daily discoveries and then their thoughts of what they might find tomorrow. 

This holiday season I invite you to join my family in a scavenger hunt for the Divine in your daily life and maybe start your own circle of who you share your findings with! 

Offering you light, love, and joy this holiday season! 



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