Guidance Is All Around Us

Sep 15, 2020

One of the biggest comforts I have each day is knowing that guidance is always available to me whenever I need or want it. 

Guidance is able to come in so many forms:

  • A whispering from the Divine in your heart
  • A message from our amazing spiritual team and guides
  • A sense of knowing from your own wise one within.
  • A random thought that pops into your mind that wasn’t there before
  • A kind word or out of the blue connection and support from our physical companions here on earth

There are so many different ways!

I remember a time when I felt alone, cut off from my guidance, and struggling with trying to gain clarity on what the next best steps were for me. I was struggling because I was refusing to include the wisest part of me - my soul and the divine - when I was “trying” to figure something out. I was listening to everyone BUT my inner guidance. The result was I was chasing my tail. I didn’t trust myself to get it right. I was searching for the answer everywhere but in my own heart. Not utilizing my ace in the hole of divine guidance left me feeling even more confused, overwhelmed, and lost back when I started. 

I’m happy to report that once I finally agreed to release my need for control and looking outside of myself for the answers and approval, I started being willing to believe in myself and the wisdom of my whole inner team. Bam, it was like switching on a light, there was my team! They had been waiting for me and were SOOOO excited I was back up and connecting with them again.

Okay, back on topic ☺ In this vlog I share a fun little story about a horse named Sam and some basic key mechanics of how guidance works so you can start connecting with your wise one team too! Check it out…

I mentioned this formula in the video and I first heard it from the author but couldn’t recall her name – she is MaryAnn DiMarco and her book “Believe, Ask, Act” is a beautiful sharing of her journey with spirit and stepping into guidance.

Bottom line, we are not alone! We have amazing wise one teams supporting us every moment of every day. We are so loved…beyond what we can even imagine. Believe in the guidance of your heart, ask, and be willing to act on what you receive. The more you practice and build a connection with your team, the stronger it will become. Pretty soon, you will have the same safety and comfort I have within yourself too!


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