LIMITING BELIEFS: The Hidden Blocks that Keep Us Stuck

Jul 27, 2020

Let’s talk about limiting beliefs – what are they and why are they so important to identify and clear to truly reach your goals. 

Limiting beliefs are basically the old programs or “tapes” that are running in the background of our consciousness and create fear and shame feedback loops that keep us running in circles and stuck in the “trying” to release old patterns so that we never actually get to bring in new habits fully. 

While we might want to think of these beliefs as bad or wrong, I would caution you here. At one point in time, they were actually brilliant amazing coping skills that served us and help us to survive. However, once we are out of the situation that created them we sometimes tend to hold on to them in a way to prevent future pain or suffering. When we do this, they shift from something that we needed to now hold us back from reaching our goals and creating the life we want. 

Limiting beliefs are also super tricky to work with because they are often hidden from our awareness. 

Great signs that you are hitting an old limiting belief are when you think or say statements like:

“I just don’t understand. I don’t want to react that way but I can’t help it.” 

Or maybe, “I’m doing everything I can think of to release this pain and I just can’t seem to get out of this cycle.” 

Another clue is that you just feel stuck in a feedback loop of energy and emotions that are often filled with an overwhelming sense of victimhood, pain, judgments, resentment, guilt, and shame. 

So how do they block us? Once we feel lost and hopeless, because we just can’t seem to create what we so desperately want, we begin to think we can’t ever get the change we want. Then on cue, the whole cycle of whatever it was you were trying to change inevitably starts up over again with a vengeance and you just heap more shame and guilt on yourself. But the piece of you that felt threatened by the new change, that triggered an old coping skill relaxes and gives itself a high five for blocking you from potentially jumping into a similar situation that was so threatening before at some point in time. 

My heart goes out to anyone that has found themselves stuck in this crazy cycle. Trust me, I know that you have truly tried to break free and change or heal. I also totally know how real and sticky that cycle of pain, guilt, and hopelessness is. I also know that most of the time we can’t even see where the source is coming from which just adds to the sense of believing things will never change or that you are a failure in some way. 

Right now, I’m seeing this cycle everywhere. Everyone is trying so hard to release so many old limiting and to be frank harmful belief systems that really do need to be dismantled and replaced.

Unfortunately, I also see so many of my clients, friends, and family getting dragged into this cycle of shame and guilt and thinking there is no way through it or out of it to the real changes they want to make. 

SO I wanted to share some of the tips and exercises I use to truly free myself from old limiting beliefs and start to co-create new patterns that empower me to be in my divine light and offer light to others. 

Take away 4 steps to start freeing yourself from limiting beliefs: 

  • Limiting beliefs act like programs running in the back of our thoughts and behaviors that shape the way we interact with ourselves and others.
  • To truly release a limiting belief, we need to have awareness of them and then take ownership and see how they are influencing my choices.
  • Once you clear and release them you need to choose what to replace them with – how do you want to show up, what energy do you want to bring to yourself and others, what are you willing to believe, do, and be so that your actions are in alignment with your core self.
  • ACT! Match your new thoughts and beliefs to your actions, develop a reflection practice, and make course corrections as needed. 

I hope this helps gives you a few little skills to start getting you unstuck and out of the weeds that change often comes with. I also believe having a guide on the journey of healing and growth is so powerful and way easier than trying to go it alone. Trust me I’ve tried both ways myself and having someone there to help hold the space with you is way better than being alone! If you would like support in helping to identify and release hidden blocks to your healing, reach out to us and we can see what program matches your personal needs. 

Sending light and joy,


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