March 2023 Equinox: Calling Forward Balance, Harmony, and Nourishment!

Mar 17, 2023

Every time we shift seasons, we pass through a moment of pause between the seasons. This moment of pause represents astrologically the equinoxes - places of balance between day and night or yin and yang energies; and the solstices – places of the longest day (yang energy) in the summer or the longest night (yin energy) in the winter. We are getting ready to come up on the March equinox which is a time of balance between equal day and night where the sun passes through the Aries zero point. In Traditional Chinese Five Elements Medicine, these moments between seasons belongs to the Earth Element.

The Five Elements - Mosher Health - Chinese Medicine

The Earth Element governs our life force energy – our blood – our ability to nourish our body, mind, and soul. The nourishment we can gather from the worlds we interact with creates balance, harmony, and vitality in our systems. I also find it so fascinating that the two major meridians that make up the Earth element are Spleen (and Pancreas) – she is called the Queen the master metabolizer of our system – and Stomach – the creator of balance, trust, and stability with movement.

I love to help people call forward the energies of these “Earth moments” so that they can really harness the universal undercurrents that are pulsing through the cosmic airwaves. For me, the 5 Element system reflects our different creation cycles. We are always creating. Sometimes that creation cycle is literally in sync with the rhythms of the season and other times it is in our own individual cycles. Either way, the next “season” or stage of any creation cycle is best served when we take time to bring nourishment, substance, and inner trust with us to the next phase. 

The shift from Winter (the beginning of the 5 Element cycle) into Spring comes with the driving energy of Wood. During the winter, our system naturally turns inward to sift through that which we have just experienced. The energy of Winter is that of Water. During the “winter” time we are working to dissolve that which is no longer serving. During this stage of creation, we are asked to look at our fears surrounding what we are looking to create. We are asked to release any fears that may be blocking our ability to unbridle our creations so we can allow them to continue to grow and develop. We naturally sift through the different threads of creation. Ultimately, we begin to concentrate our intentions, focusing them through willingness to walk with the joy and faith need to calling them into physical form. 

The next element in the creation cycle is Wood (Liver/Gallbladder). The energy of wood is one of action. Once we have focused intentions and began to incarnate our creation we need to allow life to flow into it – the equinox. This moment of willingness to step from thought into form and action unlocks the next part of the creation cycle. Think of a seed that is suddenly prompted to burst forth from its protective shell, reaching down with its roots into the Earth seeking nourishment and support. Also, at the same time, it is reaching up into the light to seek an additional kind of nourishment and support as well. This seed has to work through the dark moments, break through the ground surrounding it, and stretch upward and downward at the same time in order to survive. However, this driving energy once again can lose balance and actually can poison its own growth with toxic judgments, emotions, and resentments. If we can break down the excess from our system (body, mind, and soul) then we can free our system up to release that which no longer is serving and continue on our path of creation.

Once again, we pass through a moment of Earth in the cycle to help stabilize our field and provide the light we need with as we step into the next stage of creation – Fire, or summer. The energies of Fire are moving  both upward and outward. When we open to Fire, we allow ourselves to really dance with our heart’s desires and our creation and shift into enjoyment, pleasure, and expansion with it. We want to experience the JOY of our creations and let them spread and share their light with ourselves and others. We are beginning to see the budding of the fruits of our creation. Fire is the great transmutation element and change agent within our system. Without Fire to move our blood throughout our system on every level we would become stagnate. Our life force energy would begin to dampen and our creations would begin to wilt, smolder, and eventually die out. What can dampen our Fire? Fear, anxiety, self-doubts, and paralyzing overwhelm. 

Earth energies come back in again to help us meet our fears, calm our anxieties, and allow ourselves to remain grounded with the excitement and possibilities that come with Fire. From the support of the Earth, we once again experience a balance point in the system – the fall equinox. This transition helps us shift into the final stage of creation – Metal or Fall. The energies of metal are probably the most misunderstood of the cycle because of the paradoxes inherently held in its makeup. It is one of celebration of the fruits of our labor. Where we gather together to honor the creations that we have walked with throughout the season. AND it is one of loss, grief, and bittersweet love. We innately hold within our body being a knowing that every creation has a life cycle. Metal asks us to remember the mystical laws of creation – that energy is always shifting, changing, and transmuting itself from one form to another. In Metal, we are asked to hold gratitude, celebration, and honor of all life in our hearts and mind. And we are also asked to allow ourselves to exhale – release the old breath from our system and let go. In the act of exhaling we release, and before we inhale again there is a pause, a space in between the worlds. 

This once again brings us to a place of in-between, where Earth prompts us to break down the form of what was with deep yin energy – one of formlessness and endless possibilities. During this transition, we can release our attachments to what was and open to what wants to come forward in the next breath, in the next cycle and we start again with Water. 

Can you see how Earth is needed in every stage in every moment to help support the whole? Without the nourishment provided by the Earth element within us, we would not be able to sustain vitality, health, wellness, sustainable energy and drive, balance, and the freedom we need to create!

Spring Equinox Meditation: Plant, Bloom and Grow

So this Equinox – take a mindful pause moment:

  • Gently bring your hand to your heart area and to your abdomen – offer love and light to your body for being your sacred vessel and carrier of your Soul in this lifetime. See if you can’t bring a little compassion to even the aspects of the body or this life that you might be struggling with or wish to change.
  • Next, gently bring your fingertips up to your cheekbones right below your eyes and tap them a few times before pausing and gently connecting with them. This is the beginning point of Stomach. Offer to Stomach light and love and once again compassion and gratitude to help you create the foundations you need to feel grounded. If there is anything that you wish to call forward and offer your system do so at this time.
  • Finally, cross your arms over your chest and bring your palms gently to either side of your rib cage and rub them slightly up and down a few times before letting the rest on your sides for a few breaths. This is the ending point for Spleen meridian. Here, offer light and love to your system for all it does to help break down and nourish you. Invite healing strands of grace to help cleanse and clear your field of any unneeded energies that are no longer serving.

Feel free to continue to work with these simple practices and make them your own any time you feel the need to help reground you and stabilize your field. 

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