A Prayer of Healing

Jun 04, 2020

(Please note this is not a political post, I chose to not bring my energy to that arena, instead, I am speaking to your soul. Our soul has no religion, no politics, no country, no race. I am speaking to the part of you that might be feeling lost and in pain as a being. If we can heal that part of ourselves, we can change the world.) 

It is interesting to me that a physical virus – something no one can see with their naked eye was able to bring the whole globe to a place of desiring to heal. It opened a doorway to bring compassion to the forefront and for us to widen our perceptions of what and who we deem as heroes. In a matter of 3-4 months, a collective shift rippled throughout the world of humans. As a species, we were able to flatten the curve and put what we viewed as “survival” in front of comfort, education, finances, and somewhat politics. 

However, in addition to the physical viruses out there, in my eyes, there are more dangerous and deadly psychic viruses and pathogens threatening our survival right now. Hate, dominance, dis-ease within our self-esteem systems, unhealed trauma from archetypal patterns of slave/master relationships, and issues with worth and value are the silent killers that lurk in the shadows of all of us. In the US we have had our eyes brought to focus on this virus once more because of the most recent heinous misuse of power of one being over another from the killing of George Floyd. 

I heard a very interesting take on hate a while back. The view shared was that hate is not the opposite of love; it is instead a byproduct of not feeling on a deep level valued or respected and rage that is felt because of not feeling valued gives birth to hate. 

The energy and state of being of love is always present it has no polarity, no opposite. 

It is our limited perception and relationship with “love” that becomes distorted by feelings of dis-empowerment and rage that come from not feeling valued – by self and others. Hate, or anger, at not being able to claim your own true amazing value (for whatever reason).  Hate is a cancer that grows in the shadows behind the scenes cloaked from our consciousness.  

There are more questions than answers swimming in most of our hearts and minds right now. A global set up of a physical virus and a feeling of powerlessness is the container that we now find ourselves in looking at ALL types of abuses of power. Power is not the enemy, instead it is the misuse of our power that is killing us. 

In the holistic healing world, we know that the way to true healing and lasting change always goes through a process of unmasking the shadow. The “vaccine” we really need to be cultivating in each of us right now to survive and give us the ability to really change the relationship with have with power is one of developing love and honoring the intrinsic worth of ourselves and in turn ALL. 

Just imagine the power we can generate if each person starts to claim their worth and truly understand that healthy power generates a sense of freedom from giving other’s mastery over themselves, their lives, their body, their worth system, and their hearts. Can you see the ripples that would then create? Laws would be overturned, injustices that would be corrected, and freedom and beauty would replace them. Hate and darkness cannot exist where we choose to bring light. America and the world have an opportunity to bring real healing and change forward out of the tragic death of George Floyd versus only momentary outrage, anger, shock, and acknowledge of pain and injustices. I hope that we can move into deep work, healing work, and true radical change.

Healing on this level is not easy. It is messy and uncomfortable AND freeing, beautiful, and filled with compassion and love. It takes courage and strength to go into the shadow with light as your guide. For me, I walk into shadow armed with grace. 

Below is a healing prayer of grace I offer to all that in need:


I offer a prayer of grace now for all that we can each find the courage we need to heal. I ask for healing grace to surround us as we dive into our shadow to really look at and release the ways in which we are out of balance with our power. To be able and see clearly where we have devalued ourselves and others. I ask for illumination of where we have inherited pain, suffering, and fear. I pray for strength that we are individually and collectively strong enough to release the shadow game of blame and rage. I ask for strength to embrace the healing light of not looking for a source of the pain and a target to direct our pain to. I ask that we instead have the courage to claim our freedom from the past and state that the buck stops here. No longer are we going to carry forward the sins of our fathers and their fathers. No longer are we willing to bring limiting beliefs and value systems forward on any level of consciousness. I invoke the freedom we need to choose differently. We are free to offer ourselves as a sacred witness to those in pain and suffering. We are free to offer a lifeline to ourselves and others that help illuminate new pathways of being for ALL beings. I pray that we are able to move into witnessing and honoring the sentience in all beings. I pray that we are stronger than our shadow. I ask for support that we can move beyond our limitations and embrace the beauty and worth we all have within each of us. Our true self and our light within each of us is waiting. It has been waiting for too long. It is time to pull our light forward, give us the strength we need to start the process of reclaiming our connection with our light.

We flattened a curve on a virus through separation – to flatten the curve on the psychic virus of hate we need the opposite – connection and honor within self, other, and the divine light that is within all of us.

And so it is – amen, amen, amen…

Sending light, love, and support to all that are in need, 


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