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Equine Partnered Psychotherapy and Coaching™ (EPPC™)

We are excited to announce our new training and mentoring program – Equine Partnered Psychotherapy and CoachingTM (EPPCTM)!

Over the past 18 years we have develop our approach as the same time as the equine assisted activities and therapies field for mental health and learning was really taking shape.
During that time, we have been dedicated to mentoring other professionals learn how create a solid foundation and framework on HOW to integrate leading edge neuroscience, mental health therapy models (including attachment theory and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), the latest coaching approaches, and how our body’s energy system all work together to create a holistic wellness and healing approach to their organizations and practices through the partnership horses. During the years of training and working with other professionals in developing their skills as practitioners, we have also seen that there is need to develop a more in-depth way of partnering and preparing our horses to work in their role during equine partnered psychotherapy and coaching sessions.
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Who we work with:

  Equine Professionals

  Mental Health Professionals

  and Life and Wellness Coaches and Professionals

Our training in EPPC is the perfect fit for professionals that are looking for a deep dive into developing the skills of EPPC and the skills on how to support your horses in their roles as partners in therapy and/or coaching sessions. We like to work in an “apprenticeship” style – helping you gain the foundation, framework, and flow of the skills and concepts needed to conduct EPPC sessions with confidence and best practices.

Our Values:

  • We believe that the human-horse partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship that improves the social and emotional lives of those we serve.
  • We believe that horses are sentient beings.  They have their own thoughts, feelings, and desires and it is our responsibility as their human stewards to ensure that they are thriving and not just surviving in the roles we are asking for them to partner with us in.
  • We that all healing happens through connection.  Connection founded on trust, respect, and a willingness to ourselves and all beings.
  • We are committed to share this model with professionals.
  • We strive to equip professionals and horses with the specialized skills they need to confidently and safely flow in sessions – preparing you for a distinguished career in the field of equine assisted activities and therapies.

What’s Typically Part of Individualized Training in EPPC

A comprehensive foundation and framework that includes:

  A step-by-step progression of how to move a client through the EPPC process in partnership with horses where human healing and development are the main goal and not horsemanship

  The basic science, mental health theories, human development approaches, and mindfulness skills that marry nicely with working with horses

  The skills and knowledge necessary to run EPPC sessions with confidence and flow

How to prepare and care for your horses in their roles as equine partners in EPPC sessions

  How to unlock both yours and your horses’ true potential and power to help your clients thrive and reach their goals

Ways we train and mentor professionals:

  Group monthly coaching and support calls while you are working your way through the course

 Workshops to bring your learning into motion with the support of our faculty

  Online courses that includes: Unbridled Change's Full Growth Course, How To Videos and Audio Recordings, workbook, and bonus materials such as access to Unbridled Change's conference and special offers

  Private Coaching Calls focused on your individual needs and business

  Go at your own pace of what is right for you and your horses

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