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Hello!  I’m so glad you found our page and I want to first share with you that we are here to help you find the hope, healing, and growth you have been searching for!  In addition to our services, I hope this website serves as a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to nourish you too!  

Okay I little background on me 😊

In September of 2008, I founded Unbridled Change, a non-profit organization with the mission to provide a sanctuary for our clients and the community to find the hope, healing, and growth they have been searching for.

As a lifelong equestrian, horses are a huge part of my personal healing and growth journey. After a life-threatening illness in my early teens, I was left forever changed. The trauma to my brain ripped me of control of my body, wiped my sense of self, and left me retreating from life. I didn’t trust humans to help me heal, but I would trust a horse. Horses gave me a safe place to discover all the pieces of self – body, mind, and soul–I had lost. Through their support, I was willing to embark on the journey of self-healing and transformation.  I would say that pretty much everything I teach and share no matter what program it is, a horse taught it to me first.  Horses are my first teachers and a part of everything I do whether they are physically in the session or with me in spirit as part of my Wise One Team.  

I share pieces of my early healing journey and the role horses played in it, along with the stories of how horses have helped others find their way back from trauma in the book, The Horse Cure – True Stories, Remarkable Horses Bringing Miraculous Change to Humankind.

I consider myself a bit of a Healing Rebel and Revolutionary 😊 My mom used to say I swam upstream on everything!  However, I would say what I really do is embrace coloring outside the lines when it comes to healing, growth, and I guess well even what it means to be human!  I firmly believe that healing and growth require addressing the whole self - mind, body, and soul to create lasting change and true healing.  The illness I had in my teens set my life on a path that opened me to living outside the conventional lines all across the board. As a result, I am now a devoted student of learning “how” to unbridle healing, growth, and evolution for all beings.  

As a healing revolutionist, I have spent over 20 years developing a “toolbox” that infuses many different modalities, approaches, training, and techniques (See the list below that highlights just a few of them.)

All training and education aside, I have one core belief that creates the foundation of Unbridled Change and our approach.  I believe that there are many different paths or doorways one can walk through on their healing and growth journey, but there is only one destination.  I believe the destination we are all searching for is connecting into and aligning with our Divine Soul and purposes. I also believe that everyone’s healing and growth path needs to match their individual needs.  At Unbridled Change, it is our job to support you on the path that is right for you.  That means that we are dedicated to helping you develop a custom healing path that is best for you - whether that is in partnership with our horses or via a different “modality”.  

Every day I’m blessed with the opportunity to serve my divine purpose through the support of our staff (human and horses), our amazing board of directors, donors, and volunteers.  It is because of all of them that we are able to provide a sacred space to empower our clients on their path of unbridling their amazing divine light and purpose!

Take a look around our site, check out our programs, and please take advantage of all the free resources and support that you will find here from my blog, to free mini-courses, and the free membership level of Connecting with Joy!

Offering you light, love, and joy on your journey!

Michelle Holling-Brooks


Our approach to finding Hope, Healing, and Health

The main influence behind all of Unbridled Change’s programs is client-centered therapy. Below are listings of the different sciences, models, and training behind our therapeutic, coaching, and healing approaches. This is just a small list of the main influences.  We would also be happy to chat about how we work these models into our approaches with clients during the initial free consultation:

Mental Health Models – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Attachment Therapy, CBT/DBT, Strength-based theory, and Internal Family Systems (IFS/Parts work) theory

Neuroscience – Mindfulness skills and executive functioning skills designed around rewiring the brain

Energy Medicine – Eden Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, and the work of Caroline Myss and Barbara Brennan

Horsemanship – We believe that horses are sentient beings and therefore have the right to choose to be in a relationship with us.

“Healing and personal growth happens through connections. One of the best teachers on how to heal the human soul through connection are horses. They are masters at teaching us how to be in connection - with ourselves, with others, and with our soul. All that I teach they taught me first.”

— Founder and President, Michelle Holling-Brooks

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Our Staff & Board

Our staff, volunteers, and horses are the lifeline supporting our mission!  It is because of their strengths, their voices, and their talents we are able to rock out our mission and connect fully with our clients and community.

We are honored to have amazing people that are dedicated to helping us complete our mission!

Our 4 Legged Staff

“In their eyes we are more than physical form.  We are intention, emotion, energy and spirit.  They see who we are.  They gaze into our very soul.”  unknown

We belief our animals are sentient beings – not a beast of burden.  They have their own thoughts, desires, and feelings.  They have a soul and just like the people that have joined our team they have accepted the calling to help others heal. 


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