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Many Roads – One Destination – Healing through Connection

This virtual conference is the perfect opportunity to learn, explore, share, and gather with like minds and heart all from the comfort of your home office, barn, or pasture. Whether you are new to the field of equine assisted activities and therapies or a seasoned professional, this conference is sure to touch your heart, inspire you on “why” horses are such amazing partners for healing, and hopefully help you feel empowered to bring your own authentic voice and style to your work!
There are many different paths and models for partnering with horses for human healing. Join us as we explore the wide range of approaches to equine assisted activities and therapies from Industry Leaders, Therapists, Dreamers, and Horse Professionals on how they partner with horses to unbridle healing and growth for all.
What inspired this conference?

Hello! I’m Michelle Holling-Brooks and I’ve been a professional in the field of partnering with horses for human healing for the past 20 years and author of the #1 new release book, “The Horse Cure”. If there was a training, book, course, you name it I wanted to learn from it. Year after year as I was attending trainings, presenting at the different conferences and summits, or mentoring other professionals, I found a common struggle for both new and seasoned professionals in this field.
The struggle was that they felt overwhelmed, confused and discouraged because they were trying to fit themselves into someone else’s style of what equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) should look and feel like. If you have felt this struggle on any level then you know that the unfortunate, but very real result, is that you end up burning out or not feeling connected to the role that originally felt like a soul calling for you.
While I would listen and support those that came to me, I knew that there were so many more that were still caught in the struggle. I know firsthand about this cycle to, because I was stuck in it as well. The way I broke free was the good fortune to find the amazing teachers, leaders, and innovators that were willing to share their work of how they partner with horses. At a conference a couple of years ago a few of the presenters and I were sitting around the breakfast table and we were chatting about how lonely it can feel sometimes in this field. Then we were all struck by the realization that right there in that moment we finally all felt like we had found our tribe and herd of professionals that were willing to collaborate and support each other. The idea for the conference was born on the plane ride back to Virginia as I was reflecting on feeling of support that came from those moments. I thought about the best way to help support others and to help empower connection and healing for all – horses and humans. The answer – a free virtual conference that embraces the concept of many paths - one destination – healing through connection and here we are!
I hope that you join me for a 3-day conference that brings the different paths (stories, work, and approaches) to partnering with horses for the to the forefront and into your hands!  
Together we can build bridges through connection!
Sending Light and Love,