To know more about the science, models, and trainings behind our therapeutic approach below are some of the main influences behind our approach.  We would also be happy to chat about how we work these models into our approach with clients during the initial consultation:

Mental Health Models - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Attachment Therapy, CBT/DBT, Strength based theory, and Systems theory

Neuroscience - Mindfulness skills and executive functioning skills designed around rewiring the brain

Horsesmanship - We believe that horses are sentient beings and therefore have the right to choose to be in a relationship with us - the closest "horsemanship" theory to our program is renowned trainer, Carolyn Resnick

Our Programs

"The horse has much to share with us in how to communicate with all things in our lives. They teach us how to grow our awareness, our communication abilities, how to guide and influence others to support our wants and needs, and how to build an understanding and a connection in unity and harmony with others." 

By Carolyn Resnick

Our approach to finding Hope, Healing, and Growth

Equine Assisted Counseling and Equine Assisted Coaching

Each program is designed to meet you where you are at on your life’s journey and provide you with the personalized private support you need.

Unbridled Hope (children and teens)

Unbridled Healing (young adults, adults, and families)

Unbridled Growth (adults looking for the next level of embracing life fully)

Unbridled Learning (Speaking, training, and workshops) 

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