Animal Energy Work

Our animal companions thrive with a holistic wellness approach for healing and growth just like we do!
True Health requires us to see their “whole” self – body, mind, and soul.
“Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies . . . our own inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside.” Deepak Chopra
“Learn to trust what you cannot see far more than what you can see.” Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing

We often think of healing on one plane – the body. While supporting animals with optimal nutrition, physical exercise, and training programs are important, so is adding in a system to work with their energy bodies as well.

To gain true health we need to include all the subtle, complex aspects of who our animals truly are – a multi layered sentient being of energy and soul.

During animal energy work sessions, Michelle Holling-Brooks, supports her clients through the system of energy healing she has fused together from her 20 years of training, experience, and her own personal healing journey on the road to true health.

Energy Healing Work turns ancient wisdom into practical applications for transforming every level of your life - mind, body, and soul. Once you begin to bring your pet’s  energy into alignment their body is able to support and heal itself.

✓  Physically, energy work helps expedite recovery, decrease or eliminate pain, promotes balance, and prevents illness.

✓  Mentally, energy work helps them gain deeper clarity and overcome mental blocks.

✓  Emotionally, energy work improves resilience by helping them release past traumas and center themselves.

✓  Spiritually, energy work reconnects them to their amazing divine sentience and presence.

Every being’s path is as different as each being. Animal Energy Work Sessions are typically done at a distance via – phone/skype.  Michelle can make “house” calls depending on her schedule for an added travel cost.

With over 20 years of experience, Michelle has intensive training and background in energy healing including:

✓  Reiki Master and Teacher

✓  Dona Eden’s Energy Medicine Practitioner

✓  Emotional Freedom Technique

✓  Multi Sensory Intuitive and Integrative Soul Technology

 ✓  And over 20 years of caring and working with her animals

Sessions fees: 30 mins - $110 per session


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