Have you seen this symbol or heard the term Enneagram?

It’s an ancient tool for spiritual and personal development.  

Ennea – means 9 and gram – Means drawn or written

Hi I’m Michelle Holling-Brooks with Unbridled Change and I love this tool!

Working with the enneagram serves as a way to understand and explore your core desires, passions, and fears that your “personality” type is going to walk with as a main way of being. Ultimately, through using the enneagram as a tool for inner work you can begin to work through your default patterns, and claim the gifts and grace that come through transcending your core passions and fears. 

Let's face it, we all wrestle with:

  • Desire for perfection and to be seen as “good”
  • Desire to be nurtured and valued
  • Desire to be successful and to feel that we have within us the ability to meet our goals
  • Desire to have had deep meaningful connections and experiences
  • Desire to understand what the meaning of life is and how to interact with life
  • Desire to believe that we can trust our inner guidance and able to open to receive that support
  • Desire to experience all the different amazing experiences that life can offer
  • Desire to be the leader of your own life and empower others to do the same
  • Desire to truly know, feel, and experience the universal truth all is one

I have to tell you when I found the enneagram years ago I found it incredibly useful to finally understand why I was struggling so hard to break different patterns I didn’t like. Learning more about my type, how my core passion and emotions where running my “choices” behind the scene and impacting not only myself but those around me – wow! But one of the things I also love about the enneagram is it doesn’t just leave you with, well this is my make-up and I now I’m stuck fated to tango with this struggle and wound, it provides you will choice and healing! 

If you have taken any of my courses or worked with me before then you know I LOVE discovering and claiming our power back and this tool helps you do that! This is where the graces or the gift of each type comes in. By doing the inner work to understand the drivers from your passions and struggles you can shift gears into the active choice that unlocks the gift of each point.

I was guided to create this course as a wonder tool to help you really dive into activating your body as a sacred messenger for your healing and growth!  During this course you will explore and break free from the nine main different ways we struggle, loose energy, and make choices that are not in alignment with who we truly are. 

Here’s an example of working with the enneagram.  I walk closely with the point One. A one is often called the perfectionist or the reformer. A one’s core struggles are often with anger, disappointment in self, and a massive desire to bring forward the highest potential within themselves and in the world – think of creating god’s kingdom on earth kind of devotional energy but never feeling that you can get it right and keep falling short – Yep it is that kind of special self-torture. Dare I say the passions of each point can be almost feel soul crushing. But remember this tool doesn’t just leave you hanging there. It shows you a way through the pain to the gift. For a one, it is exploring the different between projected and self-imposed reform or perfect to look at what is Divine Perfection. The inner work of a one takes you through examining what your projections and false pride are? What is a mistake and is there every really a mistake? As I worked my way through these types of inquires I began to shift, open, and transcend the soul crushing weight and disappointment of point one and open into capital “T” Trust and was able to release the attachments to my projections of what is “perfect” – It is insanely freeing is all I can say 😊

We all have aspects of each of the 9 points within us. So, you don’t have to do a huge deep drive into exploring your point to gain HUGE personal growth, healing, and freedom with this tool.

In this series, we will explore a few of the main struggles and also the gifts of each point.  When you work with the enneagram this way you can really do wonderful healing and transformational work that helps you empower and harmonize yourself through the 9 main ways we struggle. 

If you are feeling out of sync with any of these core aspects and would like to break free from the internal wrestling with these into being in harmony with them – then this course is for you!

I don't want one person to waste any more of their time and life being lost in the shadow aspects of these main struggles. 

Will you join me in embracing a process that will open you to being able and bring more love, bliss and harmony to your system?

What I also LOVE about enneagram is that
it is a holistic system.

It works with the mind, our hearts, or our bodies!  Any true growth and healing is going to ask you to work holistically with ALL the parts of yourself – mind, body, and soul.

In this series, to help you really ground your spiritual and personal work across all the parts of you, I have added in for each point different Eden Energy Medicine exercises that you can do with each point to help activate the body’s energy systems and also help support the body in balancing and healing in addition to shifting your mental and emotional bodies – win, win, win!

As you are doing the different energy exercises I also share with you, different mantras you can say while moving your body that explore the gifts of each point.  After you do the exercises with the mantras, I have provided you with meditation and reflection prompts to drop you into a contemplative practice that continues to explore the struggles and passions of each point into opening to and calling forward the grace and gift of each point.  


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This series is a full body experience through the enneagram that is designed to help you align your heart, your mind, and your body with your true authentic self!


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