...From Wandering to Remembering - your North Star

OnDemand Mini-Healing Course with Michelle Holling-Brooks

As Spiritual beings, we’re called to take journeys...heck, we even had to take a journey to arrive here on Planet Earth. AND every journey you take calls forth the Seeker in you...whether it’s a healing, growth, or spiritual one.

So, we can easily say that each moment of our journey has the essence of the Seeker’s archetypal pattern woven into it. The Seeker’s journey has amazing Light aspects – a sense of fun, excitement, abilities to call in new energies and expansion. Also, there’s an opportunity – inviting in wonderful empowerment for you to uncover aspects of your True Self. 

The Seeker’s journey also has the Shadow aspect influences built into it  potential pitfalls, crossroads, initiations, and sabotaging side trails. If you don’t know how to spot them and identify them, you can easily end up experiencing unnecessary suffering along the way...And even end up completely derailed from your quest.

Most importantly, these aspects can prolong the journey, keeping one from reaching the last phase of the journey which is all about Empowerment, Clarity, and Freedom!

Signs that you might be struggling in some of the shadow aspects of the Seeker’s Journey:

  • Feeling like you’re stuck in a continuous ‘searching’ pattern of being lost in confusion, self-doubt, and unsure of what you are actually seeking.
  • A gnawing sense of being adrift and wandering about aimlessly without a compass to point you to your “North Star”.
  • Feeling a sense of boredom and that you are in an endless pattern of rinse and repeat with life but have no idea why and where the source of the boredom is coming from.
  • Feeling like you’re trapped by your life or an aspect of it, and you need to break free.
  • An overwhelming sense of scarcity and fear that you might be missing out on THE life experience that will unlock your true essence or allow you to have a different life. 
  • Running through an endless cycle of consuming new experiences, courses, programs, and striking out on different journeys without any clarity on what you’re actually searching for within each of those.
  • Driving energy and feelings that the next “thing” will be the key to unlocking your ability to finally feel at home within yourself, to heal, or to allow yourself to actually reach your goal.
  • Stuck in the shadow dances of the Guru Effect – giving your power to another for validation and approval in order to claim your power 
  • Sense of guilt and shame about your journey in general such as shame around not healing yet, feeling Enlightened yet, or rocking out your sacred livelihood yet with all the “tools and knowledge” you’ve accumulated along your search – “what do I have to show for it”.
  • Sense of hiding from the next phase of the journey, allowing shadow games to lure you into complacency and getting you off your true path.
Throughout this program, I’ll guide you through the Path of the Seeker. You’ll be shown the key points of your Seeker’s journey through a guided journey process. 

You’ll be able to gain understanding and learn how to recognize the areas where you are stuck and identify the personas that are blocking you from moving forward on your path. Working with my guidance, you’ll create a sacred container for the activation of your own sacred remembrance.

Through the connections you build during this course you will call forward illumination for that which your Soul is yearning for you to find.

Through that remembrance, you can begin to break free from the old ways of being that are no longer serving you, and have the opportunity to move forward into a new way of being within the journey of embodiment in alignment with the true Soul’s essence there to help support and continue to serve as a guide for you.


Total Value: $750


Also available in 2 payments of $40/month


Why This is Relevant at this Time...

So often the clients that find me are weary and lost in these endless shadow patterns.  Without knowing it, they’re actually robbing themselves of the Light side of the Seeker’s path that opens you to find the gold that’s already within you. 

Every seeker is searching to find a sense of their own Truth. The Seeker’s journey is an amazing initiation that opens us to claiming a deep sense of:

  • peace,
  • worth,
  • Sacred Remembrance,
  • And a rewiring of our own systems to match our true Soul’s essence, nature, skills, talents, and power. 

The key for the weary seeker is to allow yourself the freedom to break free from the shadow seeker personas such as:

  • The Forgetful One,
  • The Doubting One,
  • and the Powerless One

Healing these personas can help you step off the hamster wheel of self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts and into the light of sacred remembrance.  When you access and remember the truth of your Soul, you can rewire your system so that you can embody more of who you truly are.

The Power of a Guide

While you can eventually break free of the shadow aspects it can be a really bumpy ride to trek through it on your own.  The Sacred Seeker’s journey is full of twists and turns, moments of joy, and moments of feeling completely cut off, isolated, stranded, and also feeling stuck in a whirlpool that is trying to pull you under.

By inviting a Guide with you, it allows you to find a pathway, a lifeline of light in the darkness so that you can illuminate the path, identify and break free from the shadow personas that are dragging you all over the place, and begin to co-create with the Divine calling forward the life you want to create!  In this course, I’m able to do just that.  I know the path, the different phases of it, the different initiations you will encounter along the way, and the crossroads you will reach.  

I want you to know that your Soul and the Divine are searching for you too!  This mini-healing course is designed to help bring through that which your Soul is desperately wanting you to remember so you can shed the old paradigms, beliefs, and wounds that are limiting you and activate your heart’s desires! 

(added benefit of purchasing this course is that you now have the healing sessions and guided journeys as part of your healing toolbox to call on anytime you feel guided to help you in the future!)

Are you ready to be free to the shadow games of the Seeker’s Journey?

Are you ready to claim your power and ignite your own sacred lifeline of your Soul’s Remembrance?

As we call your Sacred Remembrance forward and allow a new level of embodiment to your Wise One Self your ability to hear, sense, feel, and know what your soul is whispering for you to remember becomes clearer and clearer.

This session will help you gain an opportunity for a stronger union and connection to your Wise One Self and unbridle you from the older versions of you so that you can start rocking out YOUR true mojo on every level of your being!