Soul's Contracts

3-Day Immersion Workshop Series: Discover your Soul’s Contracts I and II - A journey into understanding your authentic power through archetypes.

The greatest gift you can give to yourself and to the world is to “Know thyself”. When you begin to pull back the illusions, limiting beliefs, and fears that are preventing you from stepping into your power, you become free to spread your wings and become the amazing, beautiful, divine being of light that you truly are!

The Truth is that you are a powerful being of creation. Your soul has a divine nature to heal yourself and be of service to others. You truly are capable of influencing by thought, action, prayer, and love. Are you ready to learn how to co-create with you full divine power and purpose?

This workshop series is based on the work of Caroline Myss’s Sacred Contracts. Caroline Myss states:

“Your Contract is made up of all these [different] components of your life , yet it can’t be reduced to any one of them by itself. One way of viewing your Contract is as your overall relationship to your personal power and spiritual power. It determines how you work with your energy and to whom you give it. Finding and fulfilling your Sacred Contract also depends on how much you are willing to surrender to divine guidance.”

I know first hand the power of learning how to understand your soul contracts through the lense of archetypes. Adding in Caroline’s work into my toolbag was what I believed unlocked my ability to heal myself on a deeper soul level, and finally step into leading my FULL authentic life. Understanding my archetypes gave me a framework that freed myself from the endless cycles of guilt and shame. I began to clearly see where I was losing my power and trying to run my life in ways that just wasn't me or didn’t fit. There are only a few approaches to healing that I can truly say changed my life - this is one of them. Taking a journey into sacred contracts is amazing, and one that is best traveled with a sacred companion and guide.

During these workshops you will have the opportunity to explore and develop a working relationship with your sacred contracts, understanding archetypes, and unbridling your soul’s power with the support of myself and the Unbridled Change herd.

***Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss and her deck of Archetypal Cards not included in the workshop cost

Part I of the series: Exploring the 4 Universal Survival Archetypes

Part II of the series: Exploring your Chart of Origin and your personal archetypes

2021 - Dates coming soon!

WHEN: JUNE 11th – 13th, 2020

TIME: 9:00 – 4:30 each day

WHERE: Unbridled Change, Boones Mill, VA  24065

COST: $600 per person

ADD ON: Catered lunch ($15/day)


This is limited to 10 participants only!


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