Speaking Engagements & Training Topics

Michelle brings her facilitation, engaging personality, and training skills
to the classroom as well as certified Speaker and Workshop Facilitator. Her mix of energy, humor, and the ability to break concepts down into everyday language creates a learning environment that students and participants enjoy, find highly valuable, and full of learning nuggets that they can instantly implement in their work and life.

Lunch and Learn Series

We come to you and teach your organization/group for about an hour and empower your team with the perfect bite size mixture of theory/concepts and helpful skills over lunch or a morning meeting.

Topics include:

  How to bring trauma informed care into real time with your clients

  3 Secrets to bringing mindfulness skills into your work life

  4 Keys to embracing change and clearing the blocks towards reaching your goals

  What is Equine Partnered Psychotherapy and Coaching and how it would benefit your clients as an adjunct service


Motivation and Keynote Speaking

Creating hope!  Michelle can relate to the feeling of overwhelm that can come with what feels like way too much for one person to overcome. From facing chronic illness, healing stage 4 cancer, struggling with holding onto her voice and passion when it felt that life was actively trying to prevent any level of success, to dealing with trying balance a family life while growing Unbridled Change, she chose to not only survive but to learn how to thrive and learn how to live, love, and lead her authentic life!

Her inspirational stories, from her own life and ones she has witnessed, will uplift the spirit and empower the audience with a sense of joy, hope, and knowing that every person has the power within themselves to create their heart’s desire and step into their amazing being God intended them to be!

Half Day and Full Day Workshops

We offer the following deeper dives into the following topics: (we can come to you or you can arrange to bring your group/organization out to the barn for a mix of classroom information and hands on skill building with the horses through EPPC!)

  Learning the Dance of Secure Attachment – A look at what the 4 main attachment styles are, how they developed, and how to help create the dance of learning to create a secure attachment for your client.

  Recharge and Reconnect – Being in the helping field has amazing rewards and it can also drain your energy and burn out can creep in without us even seeing it coming.  This workshop is about putting yourself first!  We will explore and experience mindfulness and creative activities to help open the pathway for reconnecting mind, body, and spirit.

  ACT to Get Unstuck! – Learn the basics of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and how this model can create a foundation for helping move our clients through being “stuck” and into action toward their goals.

  customized topics and/or team building workings based on your request and needs. 

To Book Michelle and/or our staff please contact us via email and we would happy to set up a time to chat more about your needs!

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