Learn the Bridge of Connection™ within our Online Course, Coaching, and Mentorship program  exploring Wellness and Personal Empowerment you have been searching for! 

Join Michelle, founder of the Bridge of Connection, and start your mentorship in the Arts of Energy Work, Healing, Spiritual Development, and Wholeness.

Michelle calls these courses Unbridled Soul, because they are designed to be a Sacred Journey of Remembrance and Restoration of your True Self – Body, Mind, and Soul!

This by far is the most comprehensive, intimate, and powerful small group journey we offer.  

We accept students into the program by application only to help establish small group cohorts that will serve as a sacred container for you to heal, learn, grow, and connect with fellow seekers of truth and remembrance. 

We are now taking reservations for the 2024 Level One August Cohort.


We are now taking reservations for the August 2024 Level One Cohort.

Click here to fill out your application today for the August 2024 cohort!

Within these courses, Michelle provides you with the foundational skills, frameworks, and how to work with the Bridge of Connection method to become your own spiritual Guide, awakening to your inner Sacred Witness and Healer within.

Together we will walk through exploring the different foundational sacred wisdom teachings, frameworks, and knowledge informed by modern science, and opening to inviting forward your own soul remembrance and guidance.

Deeper Look Into Unbridled Soul

Throughout the courses we will explore:

  • Developing the skills of inner sacred listening and knowing.
  • Learning how to open to receiving inner guidance and interacting with the wisdom of the body and your soul. 
  • Learning how to develop your own Bridge of Connection to your True Self.
  • Developing a toolbox for “Intuitive Readings”: how to approach, work with, perceive and have discernment of what kinds of interventions and support your system is needing at that moment to help it balance and heal.
  • Frameworks to help you move into healing action steps once you perceive the areas you feel out of alignment with so that you can address and call forward an attunement with your true nature and vibe.
  • Sacred Remembering and Recognizing of your soul’s contracts so that you can learn to flow within your Soul’s songs and purposes. 

Unbridled Soul is designed to be a Soul Companion for you as your Spiritual and Healing Arts Journey.  Each level will explore the different foundational areas that are needed to cultivate and ignite your own inner wisdom. It is an opportunity for you to deepen and empower your own Bridges of Connections with your divine nature. Unbridled Soul helps you begin to see how you can truly co-create with living, loving, and leading a life that you have been yearning to bring forward. 

The metaphor I like to use for a healing journey that transitions into a spiritual journey is like the desire to play beautiful flowing Jazz. While yes, it is true some amazing individuals can just flow with music from the time they pick up their instrument of choice, that is not the norm for sure. For most of us, before we can play free-flowing Jazz, we need to learn the foundation skills - how to read music, scales, harmony, and classical structure. You also need to practice, practice, practice. Then one day, out of the blue, you release the structure and drop into Flow. Once you are open to your flow, playing music shifts from following the written music into feeling like you are dancing with the notes, and a sense of devotion replaces discipline. 

The Unbridled Soul courses are designed to develop an amazing toolbox of modalities and approaches that you can use to find the pieces of you that were lost, hurt, or buried so that you too can restore your wholeness and learn to Flow and play jazz with your unique vibe and Soul’s song. 

Side note: Embarking into the work of self-healing and self-discovery isn’t selfish. Willingness to step into your healing work is actually liberating and healing for all of us! The more individual people claim their wholeness, the more we gain momentum as a collective to shift out of separation and into connection. With every Being that comes into wholeness, we open the doorway for another - to remember their wholeness too. When you find your true alignment and unbridle your Soul you can’t help but support others and they find their true vibe too! 

Different Courses and Mentorship Levels

NOTE: By signing up for Level One you are NOT obligated to continue on to the upper levels to rock out embracing your true light and joy :) I am sharing the bigger program with you now so that you can see the progression if you so feel called to explore deeper and deeper into self-transformation and embodiment.

We are now taking reservations for the 2024 Level One Cohort.

Click here to fill out your application today for the 2024 cohort!