The Unbridled Soul Series begins with Level One and Restoring the Foundations of You!

Unbridled Soul is a comprehensive in-depth course of work into the Art of Healing and Spiritual Development designed to help you ignite your inner wisdom, transform your life, and answer the yearning desires of your Soul to become a partner with you so that you can Unbridle your full potential and amazing life!

The Program is structured in Levels to help you walkthrough:

  • Learning and Understanding of your different systems - body, mind, and soul
  • Gaining Confidence and the Skills on how to work with the different systems to co-create wellness, health, balance, and flow with your authentic self and life
  • Remembering and calling forward the wisdom of our Soul - your talents, intuitive nature and guidance systems, your passions, and soul purposes.
  • Flow - ability to read, work, and be accurate with your intuitive senses to help heal, restore, and bring flow to your whole system.

Michelle Holling-Brooks serves as your Sacred Guide and Teacher for this program. Her unique approach to the healing arts weaves together different modalities, training, and Soul Remembrance that she has gathered from her own healing journey and initiations – certified Archetypal Consultant through Caroline Myss, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, and extensive training and over thousands of hours supporting clients and they heal and release complex trauma through Equine Partnered Psychotherapy and Coaching™ and/or shamanic practices.  Her heart’s intention is to support you through the sacred container of Unbridled Soul to find the hope, healing, and growth you have been searching for to help you ignite your own amazing beautiful Wise One Healer within.

Classes will run in small group cohorts. Level One enrollment is open twice a year. Level 2, 3, and 4 enrollments are open once a year. 

Time investment

Please plan on devoting 2 hours a week toward viewing and/or attending classes, working with the practices, self-reflection, and workbook assignments outside of class time. 

  • The class schedule will alternate weeks with the self-study recorded content and wisdom teaching classes and then the live group call classes
  • Ideally, each month will have two live group calls per month.
  • Level One runs for about 4-5 months depending on the start date. 

Financial Investment

Value of the Package if you worked with me through private one-on-one mentoring would be over $3500 and most likely would take us over 8 months to cover the martial we address in level one.

Investment leveraging the Unbridled Soul Program

One Payment of $1,500 or  3 Monthly Payments Options – $515 each 

Upgrade to the Deep Dive option

(all of Level One plus 4 additional private 50-minute healing and coaching calls) One payment option $2,000 total  - 3 Monthly Payments Option -   $675 each 

Each Cohort is limited to 8 students to help ensure personal attention and maximum impact.

Level One May 2022 Cohort is FULL!  We are now taking reservations for the 2023 Level One Cohort.