Unbridled Change’s Changing Health Small Cohorts are designed as a sacred container for those seeking Energy Healing Work. Our cohorts provide support for you as you walk into the wild of your inner world to find the healing you have been searching for so that you can evolve into embodying your true self!


Are you ready to be a part of the Changing Health Revolution? 

Healing is not a linear journey. Fellow healing revolutionaries are ready to break free from the conventional approaches and frameworks and open to a healing path that is based on their totally individual needs and soul contracts. PLUS a healing revolutionary is a person who embraces the sacred truth – that we are built with a beautiful innate healing wisdom within. You are ready to join the healing revolution too if:

  • you have a burning desire to be an active participant in your own healing,
  • willing to empower yourself and learn the tools you need to break free of old patterns, belief systems, and wounds that are causing you to remain captive in a system that is out of balance,
  • And you are open to exploring new ways of being, living, and embodying a life that is in alignment with your soul’s essence.

I believe the next evolution of healing and health is all about us learning how to co-create new empowering systems within our whole body being – mind, body, and soul! 


Throughout this program I will serve as your Healing Guide. I’ve created the Changing Health Program by combining over 20 years of experience in energy healing work, shamanic practices, mental health, spiritual coaching and counseling, life coaching, and from my own personal initiations of walking into my own inner world over and over.

During this cohort I will share with you the tools that the ancients have used to move beyond just surviving and into healing and connecting deeply with their Soul’s wisdom to unlock their full potential. I will also guide you into deep conversations with your soul and your body so that you can call forward the healing and changes that are yearning to come forward.

I believe we ALL have within us a Wise One Healer within and everyone’s path to healing is totally unique for them. I commit to providing a sacred space that gives you the opportunity to unwind the dis-ease, pain, and dysregulation that so many of us experience during a healing journey. During the 4-month program I will guide you into learning how to open your systems to cultivating new ways of being – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I’m honored to serve as your Healing Guide to help you work through the steps of healing. I’m also honored to be able and provide you with an intimate cohort of fellow healing revolutionaries that are wanting to heal outside the status quo and evolve into a new way of being as well!



(Full payment options get a free bonus 50 min session value $210)


February 2023 Cohort is now full.
We are now taking applications for the summer/fall Cohort.

Current Scheduled Calls (please note that I will do my best to match the below schedule but things do happen last minute that sometimes requires me to reschedule)


These are scheduled via online scheduler and can be redeemed for up to 1 year as of your sign-up date.

Four Live Small Cohort Calls

February 1st – 1-2:30 EDT
February 8th – 1-2:30 EDT
February 15th – 1-2:30 EDT
February 22nd – 1-2:30 EDT 

Two Live Small Cohort Calls

March 1st – 1-2:30 EDT
March 15th – 1-2:30 EDT



Two Live Small Cohort Calls

March 29th – 1-2:30 EDT
April 12th – 1-2:30 EDT



Two Live Small Cohort Calls

April 26th – 1-2:30 EDT
May 10th – 1-2:30 EDT




Come find the healing and deep connection to your true self that you have been searching for!


February 2023 Cohort is now full. We are now taking applications for the summer/fall Cohort. As low as $285 a month

Each Changing Health Cohort consists of:

  • up to 10 fellow Changing Health Cohort members, 
  • 4 Months of Support with 10 Small Group Sessions, 
  • Exploring and Working with Essential Themes and Stages of Healing
  • At least one 1-on-1 Deep Dive session depending on your package level 
  • and 1 Amazing Empowering Journey into Healing!


You can cancel your membership to the cohort within the first 15 days for a 75% refund.
No refunds after the first 15 days.



My session with Michelle was amazing. Straight away she found the heart wall that I have been trying to release for years. In a matter of minutes, she was able to release it and ignite my heart flame. She is able to create a very supportive and safe space for you to let go & heal. I am so grateful for the time spent with her.

Veronica B.

Michelle is inherently wired to do this work. She is most definitely a multidimensional healer. It is an absolute delight to have worked with her. 

Ana Maria Vasquez, Animal and Nature Intuitive and Multi-Sensory Certified Intuitive Strategist

Thank you so much for the message from you and your spirit on the group healing call today!!! I was in tears. The message was so beautiful and perfect! I am planning to go back and transcribe it to keep the message close. The entire group call today was so healing and perfect in every way. Thank you again so very much for your multi-dimensional healing support.

With worlds upon worlds of love and gratitude to you and spirit,

Working with Michelle Holling Brooks is absolutely magical! Her ability to connect with her clients allows for a fantastic healing session and transformational growth. After 2 years of feeling emotionally exhausted, physically drained, and overwhelmed mentally, I was stuck! She guided me to be able to release these blocks, helped me to align with my true self, and helped me to achieve my goals. She is remarkably gifted, compassionate and empowering as she shares clear wisdom and guidance. Anyone devoted to their soul healing, well-being journey, and or has a desire to step into their higher potential, should reach out to her. I am forever grateful to Michelle and her guidance in doing the work!

Kimberly A.


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