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We have a simple, but robust mission: to provide quality mental health therapy in partnership with the healing power of our horses. We do that by focusing on our clients and our horses. We want to make a difference in the lives of our clients!

Join our founder as she shares her journey and the path she has taken to this point in her life. She shares the struggles of learning how to step into her own personal power and the skills she uses to embrace her life's purpose.

Unbridled Healing Program

Unbridled Hope is not pretending that troubles don’t exist.  It is the hope that they won’t last forever.  That past hurts will be healed and difficulties overcome.  That somehow you will find your way out of the darkness and into the sunshine.

For some of our youngest clients (age 6-16), they know all too well about the darkness of the world. 

Here are just some of the primary needs our Hope clients have shared struggling with:

  • The after effects of witnessing and/or surviving abuse and trauma – broken trust in others, themselves and feeling not worthy
  • Lack of respecting themselves and others – due to a disruption in forming secure attachments and many different things such as: severe illness of a care-giver, loss, abuse, and long-term separations of family members, just to name a few
  • Acting out at school or home because they don’t feel seen, heard, or understood
  • Anxiety issues from lack of feeling safe
  • Anger issues from lack of feeling respected
  • Not being able to accept themselves

Hope clients learn from doing – building a relationship with our horses - how to rebuild Trust, Respect, and Self-worth – stepping out of the darkness and into sunshine that has always been around them. 

What can you expect a Hope client to gain:
  • Rediscover their voice and how to use it while maintaining connection and respect for themselves and others
  • Know what it feels like to trust and respect themselves
  • Find belief in their unique strengths & worth
  • Be able to FEEL seen, heard, and understood
  • Clarify and believe that their past does not define them or their ability to have an amazing future – HOPE for a better tomorrow 

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Therapy and Personal Growth Programs

Unbridled Hope Program

"They see within us the feelings and emotions, the uncertainties and fears, which we try to hide and keep secret.  Yet, that is their magic.  For they do not judge and condemn.  Rather, they accept us as we are and help us heal."  unknown

Life may have stolen your heart from inside you. 
But your past does not define you and is not who you truly are. 
Your soul knows who you are,
Your soul has traveled the road with you, holding your heart safe for you to reclaim it.
Are you willing to be open to your heart and who to truly are?

Unbridled Healing, is to restore your “whole” self – mind, body, and soul.  

Our Healing clients (ages 17+) come seeking support because they are struggling with overcoming the effects of abuse, trauma, loss, and/or broken attachments that leave them feeling:

  • A deep mistrust of life, your own thoughts and feelings, and of others
  • Doubting your self-worth
  • Having trouble giving and accepting respect
  • Feel that there is some unknown undercurrent that keeps you from being able to embrace life fully
  • Relationships are a struggle – from parenting to friendships, you don’t feel connected, valued, and understood
  • Feel limited in career options
  • Feeling blocked by your past and not sure how to “move on”
  • Nagging thoughts of knowing things are not “working” in your life but feel lost on how to “fix” them

Being stuck and not knowing what to do as a next step is totally normal.  Your past taught you not to trust, that taking a risk on something new is just going to end up with pain and disappointment.  During the Unbridled Healing program, you have the opportunity to get unstuck from the limiting beliefs and old thought patterns that are holding your true self hostage. 

This program was specially designed for you if you are ready to finally take back the reins on your life. By learning the skills of healing in theory, and through direct experience -  building a relationship with our horses – you have an opportunity to believe, feel, and know you have the skills to deal with all of life’s ups and downs.

Through our proven private counseling Unbridled Healing clients explore and experience:

  • Find your authentic self and voice
  • Resolve the past and the emotional blocks it created
  • Create deeper trust in your own inner voice and guidance
  • Embrace your self-worth and believe in your amazing unique strengths
  • Reconnect to a willingness to try, do and be
  • Experience breakthroughs in understanding the limiting beliefs that life created, and creating new belief systems that match the person you truly are now
  • Uncover an ability to connect to yourself, your family, and others and remain authentic to who you are
  • Craft the skills you need to feel ready and able to take the next steps in life

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